01Laboratory Qualification

Obtained CNAS/ISO 17025 system certification at the end of 2019
At the same time, it has been recognized by major OEMs

Laboratory accreditation certificate

Material laboratory accreditation certificate

Material testing and approval certificate

Material testing and approval certificate

02Introduction to the general functions of the laboratory

  • chemistry lab

    Mainly test the incoming inspection of raw materials.
    For example: grease content, chromium content, VOC test, pH value, atomization test, and combustion test.

  • Simulated Environment Laboratory

    Mainly test environment aging experiment.
    For example: heat resistance, shrinkage, constant temperature and humidity experiment, light experiment.

  • Physical Property Laboratory

    Mainly test the physical test.
    For example: mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, flex resistance, stain resistance, softness, water vapor permeability, coating thickness, etc.

  • Emit the smell laboratory

    Mainly test smell, including bag method and bottle method.

03Introduction of main laboratory equipment

Liquid chromatography
Liquid chromatograph

Main test items:
VOC (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, acetone)